Shannon Sullivan

Jaclyn knows people. She approaches her work with honesty and humor, which makes an actor feel immediately comfortable opening up, sharing, exploring, and most importantly failing. She started on the stage herself, which gives her an immediate understanding for the needs of actors during their process. She is highly trained and has studied and worked along side some of the most respected theatre artists in America, but what I found most important and impressive was her incredible capability to combine her extreme intelligence with the basic humanity of the human race to express ideas about the play and characters in the most clear and actable ways.


Chris Mclinden

Jaclyn Biskup really is an exceptional coach. I've worked with her as a director and as a coach (and won a role after our first coaching session!) She brings a unique, thoughtful and effective approach to coaching, using a director's eye to help you articulate your own choices and show your best self. If you are a smart actor who wants to work with a real coach I highly recommend Jaclyn Biskup.


Jessica Sennet

Just had an awesome monologue coaching session with Jaclyn Biskup Acting and Audition Coach ! I'm working on a new piece and she was able to help me approach the text in a very clear and concise way. We practiced how to go from slating in the room to the 'moment before' I begin to speak -which was so helpful and smart!! that is what an real audition is. She was insightful and direct(which I appreciate) as well as supportive and open to my thoughts about the character. I felt confident with my work and motivated to keep going. I can't wait to work through all my audition pieces with her......I highly recommend.


Jenny Green

Jaclyn has the knowledge and intellect to expertly steer a coaching session from scene selection to audition ready in the time available. She was able to rapidly assess my qualities as an actress and offer very specific - and actable - options, whilst also asking me exactly the right questions to help me to find myself in the role. I was also impressed that Jaclyn was able to offer some of the best dialect advice i have ever received, easily detecting my natural speech patterns and again suggesting modifications that were entirely sensible and effective. Most importantly Jaclyn has a great sense of humour, which made our session enormous fun, as well as being hugely productive. i cannot recommend her highly enough.

Difficult Women Scene Study

**New Sections Now Offered**

Three sections of this class are available for sign up. All classes are 4-week sessions with 3 hours classes. Each session costs $75 (total for all 4 classes.) To sign up email and specify which class you would like to sign up for.

March 6, 13, 20, 27
Player's Theatre Studios - 115 MacDougal

MONDAYS, 7-10pm
March 11, 18, 25, April 1
Molloy Studio - 50 Broadway

TUESDAYS, 12-3pm
April 2, 9, 16, 23
Player's Theatre Studios - 115 MacDougal

Email to reserve your spot!

This is a scene study class for women (+ female identifying and non-binary/gender fluid folx) designed to allow you to sink your teeth into exciting, complex, female characters written for women by women in a female empowered environment!

Tired of being pigeonholed into an overly simplistic type?
Feeling frustrated that directors hamper your agency in the rehearsal process?
Bored of playing supporting roles, stereotypes, and cliches?

In this class you will --

-- Stretch your acting muscle with exciting complex material
Hone your craft in a feminist and female empowered environment
-- Work with, meet, and connect with like-minded artists with similar values and goals
-- Work on female-centric scenes and monologues written for women by women
-- Be introduced to new plays, scenes, and monologues all written by women writers

This class is open to all levels.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions at and to sign up!


Jaclyn Biskup is a director and producer working in theatre, television, and film. She is the recipient of Emmy and Peabody nominations for her work on the digital series, THE SECRET LIFE OF MUSLIMS and currently works as an associate producer at New Ohio Theatre. This summer she will assist Tony Award winning director Anna Shapiro on the Broadway debut of STRAIGHT WHITE MEN (Young Jean Lee) Second Stage at the Helen Hayes.

She is passionately devoted to equity, diversity, and inclusion and is a lifelong feminist.  Her work in the theatre spans nearly two decades. As the founding artistic director of The Mill, she has directed and produced over 20 productions including the Chicago premieres of A DREAM PLAY (Caryl Churchill), VENUS (Suzan-Lori Parks) and THE PRIVATE OF LIVES OF ESKIMOS (OR 16 WORDS FOR SNOW) (Ken Urban.) In NYC, she produced and directed NICHOLAS, MAEVE, MARIANNE (Matthew Stephen Smith) one of Indie Theatre Now's 20 Best of NYC Fringe. She has assisted on productions at Steppenwolf, The Public, and The American Musical Theatre Workshop and has a BA in Theater from Northern Illinois University and a MFA in Directing and Theatrical Production with a concentration in Gender Studies from Northwestern University.

You don't have to do it alone.  So why are you?

Everyone knows the hardest part of being an actor is auditioning for roles. Give yourself the help you need to stand out at every audition, get the call back, and book the role.

Private Coaching/Scene Study

Email me at for my rates. 

Monologue Coaching

Perfect your monologue. From entering the room through the end of your piece we will craft every moment to create a dynamic engaging experience that will get you that callback. Eliminate your nerves and other common mistakes actors make. Leave our session with confidence and information that you can apply to upcoming and future auditions.

New Client Callback Prep

If you've never used a coach before, for a callback, this is your opportunity to try it out. I will work with you to create a callback strategy that will guarantee your best performance at the callback. Actors I have coached have gotten cast based on these techniques. Last minute bookings can generally be accommodated. 

New Client Material Selection package

We will meet in person or via Skype so that I can get to know you and assess what material will work best for your type. I will then select 3 monologues for you to choose from. After you receive the material we will set up a coaching session so that you can perfect your favorite one.

Cold Reading and Monologue Preparation


I believe that every actor can excel at auditioning. The key to success is preparation and confidence. I provide audition coaching from the point of view of a director who has seen hundreds of auditions. Together we will make your performance specific and engaging. I tailor each session to your individual needs. Together we will create a performance that gets their attention and showcases the best possible you.

Areas addressed can include:

  • Material selection

  • Side Prep: Text Analysis, Tactics, etc.

  • Resume review

  • Creating a good first impression

  • Directing and coaching your performance

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses

I will always give you an honest opinion about what is working and what needs improvement. 

Material selection: I will help you choose a monologue that is right for you and the role that you are auditioning for. I will help you assess your type and strategize to show off the best possible you at your audition.  The fee for material selection is 1 coaching hour. 

Side Prep: Fewer and fewer auditions rely on monologues. Often, you are given sides to prep in advance for an audition or a callback. I will help you analyze the text and make active dynamic choices. I will rehearse with you so that you can be prepared for anything in the audition.  We will review the material together and create a strategy for showing the auditors exactly what they need to see in order for you to get the part.

Creating a good first impression: I will go over the basics of audition practices. How to enter the room with confidence, slate correctly, and begin and end your monologue. I will help answer questions on what you should wear and what behaviors instantly "turn-off" an auditor.

Directing and coaching your performance: When you work with me you get a director and a coach in one. That means not only will I provide expert text analysis to help you get to the heart of the scene or monologue. I will direct it for you. So each time you perform you will be telling a complete story. I will help you create a structure for your performance, so even on those dreaded  "off" days you can still go into an audition and nail your performance. I will also be coaching you to create the most dynamic memorable acting performance possible.  

Assessing Strengths and weaknesses: I will provide you with an honest assessment of what is working and what you still need to work on.  

When you audition, I want you to forget about the fact that it's an audition. Be confident in yourself, your ability, and the story that you are telling. In a coaching session I try to direct a repeatable performance that tells a story. I create a roadmap for you that you can take into any audition and feel confident about. I try to get you away from assessing and judging yourself in an audition and instead viewing your audition as a showcase for yourself. 


Q. How should I prepare to work with you?

A. The best bang for your buck is to come to a coaching session with at least one fully memorized piece. 

Q. How much time do I need?

A. If you are fully memorized, we can get your monologue audition ready in an hour. 

Q. Can I work on more than one piece in an hour?

A. Of course, how we spend your time is up to you, but I would recommend one piece in an hour long session. If you would like to do 2 pieces, we should work for at least 90 minutes.

Q. I'm having trouble deciding between a few monologues, which should I pick?

A. Pick the one you enjoy performing the most. Or, bring a couple in and we can pick which one showcases you best.  Again, I recommend you have all pieces memorized. 

Q. I am having trouble finding a monologue, can you help me?

A. Yes, I am happy to help you find material.  The cost of this is the same as 1 coaching hour. 


  • All fees must be paid in advance

  • 48 hours notice must be given in order to cancel and reschedule any appointment

  • No refunds will be given for appointments canceled with less then 48 hours notice

  • Sessions will be held in Manhattan or

  • Skype with me


Phone:  312.388.7660


Use the form below to sign up for the class or to discuss my private coaching rates.

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